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Who Am I? 

the most difficult question of them all

Every story has to start somewhere and my particular love affair with wine started in Scotland. I was a student at St Andrews University and I had been asked to organise a wine and cheese tasting for a student club. 
Until that point, wine had been something that was always on the table but something to which I hadn't paid much notice. Suddenly, that all changed.

It was over the course of that evening that wine became so much more than just red or white. The range of flavours and aromas in the glass; the sensations and emotions evoked for the person tasting it; the story of the people who made that wine and the land from which it came...

I was hooked. I wanted to learn, to see and to taste as much as possible.

I moved to Paris to be even closer to the source. With hindsight, I appreciate how lucky I was that my formative years (2010 - 2016) coincided with the rise of natural wine and the bistronomy movement.

Towards the end, Paris started to feel claustrophobic and the desire to escape to a vineyard became too strong to resist. I relocated to the Veneto in northern Italy, fell in love, and the rest is history. 

My desire to discover still burns just as strong as it did in those initial heady days. The moment you've seen beyond the monodimensional, wine is a continuous discovery. I attend tastings, meet winemakers, visit regions, and I want to share those experiences too. 

Nowadays, I also wrangle with more environmental and ethical questions: organic, biodynamic or alternative forms of agriculture and the future of resistant and genetically modified grape varieties. 

Take a look at my passport and it will tell you that I'm English.

Do a blood test and you'll see that I'm actually a blend of chenin blanc, grenache, nebbiolo and garganega.